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QR Codes on my Business Card? So what?

QR Code business cards. Undoubtedly you have seen these but how do you keep the contact info in your QR code current when your info changes and you need to print more cards? You have to throw your old cards away now right? Wrong! www.B2Vcard.com This site allows you to create a QR code business card and a profile that you can update as your contact info changes.  This means that as things change even your old business cards with outdated contact info have a QR code that pulls in your current V-card info when scanned. You can still hand out your business cards and the barcode will scan with your current correct info. This is great if you need to hand out cards before your new ones arrive. Just tell the person you hand it to to scan it for your current contact info.

You can then upload your own PDF artwork for the card or use one of the existing templates to set your own and they will be printed as you specify and shipped to you anywhere in the world. You can insure that your QR code always scans with the most current contact info by updating your profile for free any time the info changes.

Use www.B2Vcard.com to produce QR code business cards for your customers and yourself. Allow recipients of your cards to add your contact info to their address book without all of the typing. Best of all the prices are really cheap for this great technology.

Click here http://vimeo.com/6624198 to view a demo of this technology or go to www.B2Vcard.com to learn more now.

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