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Personalized URLS combined with Targeted Mailing Lists will Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

Personalized URLS combined with Targeted Mailing Lists will Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

By: Kevin Deeb

Combining PURLS with targeted mailing lists will increase your direct marketing response rates. Direct marketing is one of the most targeted and effective forms of advertising. The combination of mail and the internet will yield explosive results. A PURL is a personalized website created from the mailing list purchased, which allows the prospect to respond to your offer online at their own personal website.

A Purl is applied using variable data printing technology, using your electronic mailing list. The direct mail pieces are automatically created with an individual URL targeted to one specific recipient based on the names provided from the mailing list. This mail piece then invites the individual to visit their own personal website, which offers them a greeting similar to the one on the direct mail piece.

The PURL landing page is then used to capture any personal information that is needed by the marketing company. It is common practice for this questionnaire or survey to capture contact information including name, email address, phone number, and demographic information.  By collecting this information, the marketer can then follow up with an additional personalized message normally by email.

There are several advantages to implementing PURL’s into your direct marketing campaigns:

-Aids in capturing additional information including email addresses, additional demographic information, and other important data.

-Captures the 1 out of 3 individuals that prefer to communicate online which will in turn increase revenue and growth.

-Helps in further modeling your ideal candidate by analyzing the candidates that are responding.

-Allows for an additional means of communication via the internet, which is constantly growing in popularity.

-The ability to track real time responses from recipients as they visit their website.

-Increases your response rates as much as 5 times your normal direct mailer.

Using PURL’s is an influential addition to your campaigns as it creates a comfort for the prospect and allows them to respond with little effort on their part. Allowing prospects to respond online is significantly less time consuming and is more attractive over responding by mail order or by calling on the phone. It also builds inquisitiveness for prospects to want to see their own personalized website created uniquely for them.  It is well known that the shorter and easier the response process, the better the results meaning higher response, money and knowledge from the direct mailing campaign. The combination of an accurately targeted mailing lists, great mail piece, and PURL’s will significantly increase your marketing rate of return. This will also ensure that you are effectively giving your prospect every avenue possible to respond to your offer.

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About the Author

Kevin Deeb, President and Owner of Marketing Lists Direct, has over 10 years experience in Direct Marketing.


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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/Personalized URLS combined with Targeted Mailing Lists will Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

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