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Flyers and Postcards and Brochures! Oh, My! Why do some work better than others?

Flyers and Postcards and Brochures! Oh, My! Why do some work better than others?
By Suzanne Griscom

Have you ever wondered if anybody really reads your advertising copy? Do your flyers bring in enough customer transactions to pay for the cost of the printing and delivering of the flyers, plus some profit to your business? As business owners and managers, we all know the importance of communicating effectively with our current and future customers. What we often don’t know is HOW to communicate with them.

First, let’s ask a few questions.

What is the purpose of your mailer, advertisement, or brochure? Be really specific here. You aren’t looking to “increase income,” “remind past clients that we’re still the best choice,” or “get more clients.” Think deeper and bigger: “generate $20,000+ sales from new clients per mailing,” or “increase new client list by 500 per mailing.” So, knowing that goal, what is required of the mailer to meet that goal? THAT is the purpose of your ad copy.

When customers read a mailer that speaks to them effectively, they frequently keep it and carry that flyer into that place of business on their first exploration of what is being offered. Customers specifically want something that was mentioned in that mailer. Is it comfort? Is it a rapid response? High quality products and services? Low prices? Craftsmanship? Coupons? Friendly service? What do you do differently from others in your industry?

When talking with a potential customer, do you find yourself repeating all the information in the mailer you sent them? Ever wonder why they didn’t retain the information? Do customers walk into your business with your flyers and brochures in hand? Do any of your new or potential customers carry mailers that were given to them by past or current clients?

What makes some mailers better than others? Here’s the answer: Effective ad copy knows its audience.

Effective ad copy speaks to a particular audience. Who are you talking to when you write your ad copy? Your mother? Your neighbor? Other business owners? Housewives (do they still exist)? People from a specific income bracket or education level? Knitters? Do-it-yourselfers? Formal business types or casual entrepreneurial types? Getting the idea here? If you send out a mailer that unconsciously talks to your best friend, neighbor or school board, you better hope that they are your audience.

If you know your audience, then you will know what they want. Don’t know what they want? ASK THEM. Everyone loves to be asked their preferences. Everyone loves to give their opinion. Talk with past or current clients; tell them right up front that you want to talk to them about their wants and needs regarding your business. Most of the people you ask will make time to talk to you. You just made them very important people. You made them valuable to you and we all want to be valued.

So, now that you know your audience, what do they want from you? What do you offer that they want?

Before you spend the money on printing anything, go over the following checklist and make sure your ad copy is an effective piece of communication that will motivate the reader to contact you and buy from you.

1. Who is my audience?

2. What do they need?

3. Does this copy speak to that need?

4. What do I want them to do? (call, click, come in, save & mail in…)

5. Where does it say that in the copy?

6. Has the spelling and grammar been checked? Twice? More than twice?

7. Is my mailing list tailored to the audience or am I blanketing a zip code, hoping to catch a few of the right type?

8. Will this mailing fulfill its purpose?

Revisit your purpose and highlight the copy that achieves it.

Knowing the reason for sending or printing your ad copy is crucial to the effectiveness of the mailing.

Knowing your audience pinpoints your target and refines your mailing list, which increases effectiveness and ROI, and may actually decrease your overall costs. The more you know: about your purpose, about your audience, about your own needs as a business, the better return you will get for your effort.

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Suzanne Griscom works with writers who want to get unstuck, as well as business owners who need to communicate the value they offer in a nutshell.
Through her business, That Wordsmith, she helps clients share their unique message with audiences who are eager to hear it.
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Suzanne_Griscom


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