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Technology in Marketing Friend or Foe?

As we venture into the new normal of doing business we find ourselves relying more on  computers and the internet than one may have ever imagined 30 years ago. The way we communicate research and buy is forever changed from those days. The scary thing is it is only changing faster. So fast it can be really hard to keep up and can be extremely intimidating. It can also be a real time saver and this translates into money savings.

Embrace this change and reap its benefits. Ignore it and be passed by your competitors. I have been in the graphic communications industry for more than 20 years and a lot has changed. I find myself acting more as a consultant and educator than in the old days when I was a just a print salesman. With so many more tools and options available now it truly does take an expert to review your needs and goals then work with you to craft the most effective and economical solutions.

I recently had a client that utilized a QR CODE on a direct mail campaign after I introduced him to the technology. He did some research online and found a free site to generate the code then tested it on his iPhone with success. He printed and mailed one version without letting me know he was using a QR code. When I saw the QR code I was surprised since he had not mentioned it to me. I scanned one with my Blackberry and it would not read. Alarmed I had several others in our plant try their phones. No luck. I only had success with a Droid. Oh no I thought. I immediately contacted my client and told him the bad news. He was concerned and asked me why it wouldn’t scan consistently. In this case it was generated with his organizations identity colors. There just was not enough contrast for most readers to resolve the code. I reminded him that we are more than just a print and mail provider we are also a technology and marketing solutions provider. He agreed to consult with me on future uses of new technologies in his campaign at the creative stage.

I really enjoy discovering the possibilities brought about by new technology. I love learning about new tools and uses that are being created. My favorite part is when I am working with a client with a seemingly insurmountable problem and I am a part of crafting the solution.

Learn all you can and don’t be afraid to try new things but don’t forget to consult with those that may have already traveled that new road and can help you avoid the pitfalls that may lay in your path.

Until next time…

To Your Success!

Chris Daniels



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