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Automate your marketing efforts and watch the leads roll in

Automation is critical in today’s complex mix of marketing mediums. Cross media campaigns can be the most effective way to target prospects, qualify them, segment them then nurture them to become full fledged customers. These complex campaigns can contain a mixture of direct mail, broadcast media, email, text messages, web surveys and more. This complexity makes it imperative that we automate our touches to insure responders get the information they need in the way they want it as quickly as possible and no one falls through the cracks.

Tools like QR Codes, pURLs and micro-sites included in your marketing message connect your media to the web, allow the prospect to engage with you immediately and gain the information they are seeking instantly. Through these channels and response triggered automation the prospect can have a personalized engagement experience that could include social media sharing and other referral links. This can greatly improve the overall reach and success of a campaign while allowing for precise measurement of your results.

Marketing automation is good because it forces us to plan through the entire process of prospect engagement. This can seem daunting since a campaign can be made up of many touches designed to guide the prospect to their destination. The real beauty of this though is once it is done there is no need to micromanage each part of the campaign. You just sit back and watch the qualified leads roll in.

To download a free 8 page booklet that overviews tools and technology available today for building effective cross media marketing campaigns click here .

To learn more about how marketing automation can help you save time and deliver leads feel free to contact me.

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