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How Do PURLs Work in Marketing and Why Should I Care?!

You may be asking yourself “What is a PURL?” or saying “Who cares. I’m busy.” Well, if you are involved in marketing your business or someone elses you should care. Why? PURLs are a powerful new marketing technology that allow you to reach out to your prospect in a personal way and start a dialog to learn more about them. PURLs gain a higher response rate than traditional websites in marketing messages due to their personal way of addressing the responder by name. PURLs also can deliver qualified sales leads in real time for immediate response. Do you care now?

PURLs or personalized URLs are personal internet microsites that are unique to each individual in a database. An example is http://www.CharlieSmith.winsresults.com where a landing page on the internet is hosted just for Charlie Smith. This landing page can welcome Charlie by name and present messages and offerings that are personal and relevant to Charlie based on the information we have on him. It can also gather more information on him that we may want in the form of a survey. The answers can be delivered in real time to you and can be followed up on immediately.

Why would anyone give you more information? We are all willing to give a reasonable amount of information or take a brief survey in exchange for a discount on something we want or free gift that we value. Be creative in your marketing offering.

Why are PURLs such a powerful marketing tool? Studies show that personalized communication delivers much higher response rates than impersonal communication. Studies also show that most people today are more comfortable responding via the internet.

How do I use PURLs in marketing? They are merely a tool, though a powerful one, that can be included in direct mail and email advertising to greatly increase response rates and gain actionable information on your audience. You can even use a general URL in broadcast advertising (billboards, magazines, TV, radio, flyers, SMS text, email…) to capture an email or physical address then add that to your database for PURL marketing communications.

Want to test drive a PURL? Simply go to www.winsresults.com

Feel free to contact me to learn more and to discuss how you may be able to use PURLs in your marketing efforts to gain greater results and measurable marketing ROI.

Until next time…

To Your Success!

Chris Daniels



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