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Can You Really Print A Water Drop?

IT FEELS WET! Well not wet but you CAN feel it and it sure looks wet!

Yes you can! It’s not wet but it does bead up on the page and you can feel the bulges.

After the introduction of AccuLink’s 3dUV technology in my last post I have been bombarded by emails wanting to know more, Sooo… here is a Video that better illustrates the process and some of the most common questions I received:

1. Is it thermogrophy? No. It is a patented UV-curable clear polymer that produces raised print effects with variable densities and gradations that add tangible height, texture and dimension to the sheet. It is digitally applied post press using an OPA guided inkjet array. (whew, what a mouth full)

2. How do you achieve the textures and different layers? These effects are set up pre-press then applied all in one pass onto the post-press printed sheet. It can even be set up by your own graphic designer with a bit of knowledge.

3. Are there plates or dies required to create the texture? No. This is a totally digital process that is actually much “greener” and eliminates plates, molds, chemicals and solvents while significantly reducing overall energy usage. Each image can be unique and can include variable print, pURLs, QR Codes and more.

4. What are the max/min thickness it can be applied to? This sheet fed press accepts digital or offset printed sheets ranging from 4pt. to over 50pt. in thickness and can even be applied to lamination.

5. How high can the emboss effect go? This is the best part. It has print capabilities ranging from 20 microns to 70 microns in thickness and can apply a variety of clear polymer patterns in the same pass to easily achieve dual sided and multilevel embossing effects.

6. Where can I get this? Currently AccuLink is the only U.S. manufacturer with a Scodix 1200 UV press.

Check out this Video that better explains the process: Scodix Enhanced Greeting Card Example

These are not the only questions I have received but they were the most common. If you want to know more about 3dUV or would like a sample to see and feel for yourself Contact me.

To Your Success!


Chris Daniels

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