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Why Are Sales & Marketing So Often At Odds?

There is a long standing perception that marketing and sales are at odds with one another. Marketing departments often say “sales people don’t get what we do”.  Sales people often say “If marketing would just give us some good leads and materials we could close more sales.”

I consult with and sell marketing technologies and services to marketing departments and agencies. These technologies are designed specifically to integrate marketing channels, track and measure results and deliver qualified leads to sales in real time.

Since this benefits both sales and marketing you’d think it would be the bridge to bring them together. It can be but often the divide between the two is deep and long lived. Both often blame the other when results don’t materialize.

So what’s the solution? Accountability. We should all be accountable for what we do. Accountability diffuses the argument and clearly shows where blame belongs. When all is working it really isn’t important for sales to understand all that marketing does or vice versa. A culture of mutual respect can be built when efforts and results are measured and transparent. This can get all oars moving in the same direction.

How is this done? The technology we have today gives marketing departments the ability to integrate all media channels. Direct mail, Email, Broadcast, Print, Web, Mobile and more can be combined, tracked and measured for accurate determination of ROI. Leads can be qualified and delivered to the sales force in real time as it happens. This empowers everyone and holds all accountable with real numbers and accurate result reporting. It is hard to improve what you don’t measure.

Emerging technologies that track and measure all our marketing and sales efforts are the bridge between sales and marketing. What are your experiences with this subject? What have you seen or done that has worked to bridge the gap between sales and marketing?

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