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Online advertising like Facebook and Google are cheap but are they really effective?

Display advertising (banner ads) with Google and now Facebook etc. have been the obvious choice for years to drive traffic to your site but is it really effective? Many web surfers have learned to tune ads out. Recent studies show that only about 1 in 1,000 web surfers clicks the average display ad. You may have recently heard that as many as 75% of Facebook users don’t click ads. Webtrends reports their response rate to be more like 1 in 2000.

Unsolicited postal mail generates a response rate many times higher, according to published industry numbers. The USPS states that response rates to direct mail average about 1 to 2 in 100. Now these numbers sound great compared to banner ads but given the cost per response from direct mail compared to banner ads what is the better choice? Quite simply put, both. Each can reach potential customers the other may miss.

If you currently buy banner ads and it is working great! Keep doing it, but consider also adding direct mail to reach those you miss online. The statistics show that it will drive traffic if your mail list is refined and your offer is strong. If you are just using direct mail consider trying pay per click or email and more. You could capture people that you may be missing. The media options to search for new business are now so numerous and growing that there really is no one place to find all of your best potential customers. This is why a cross media approach is so important today.

If you are unsure what to do, consider speaking with a marketing professional. Consider someone with broad experience across multiple media so you can have the benefit of someone looking at the big picture for you. An experienced cross media marketing professional can take the guess work out and help you to target your dollars more effectively using the right mix of media gaining higher ROI for your budget.

Now its your turn. What are your thoughts on effectiveness of banner ads, direct mail and more?

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