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How Can Marketing Keep Control Of The Brand?

March 18, 2013 Leave a comment

If you manage or work in a busy marketing department you likely know these scenarios.

  1. I need you to stop what you’re doing and design this custom (sales sheet, billboard, poster, print ad etc.).
  2. For some reason everyone’s business card looks different than your identity standards.
  3. Someone from sales just printed the old brochure design from 3 years ago instead of the new one

So how did things get so out of control? Thankfully there is a solution to gain back control of your time and your corporate identity. A web based ordering solution will address all of these scenarios and more. So how does it work? The web portal is how those you authorize will procure your companies marketing materials. It will contain products you authorize and templates that can be edited only as you have specified.

Product access is controlled by you. Some users are only able to access certain products while others you allow to access more or all. You control who can order what and how much customization they can have. You control which trusted vendors will produce which products.

You are removed from the proofing process because proofs happen in real time on the site based on your template rules. Order history is maintained in the system allowing you to track usage and see trends. Does this sound like a tool that can put you back in control of your company’s brand?

If you are looking for solutions to regain control of your brand and free up your design resources feel free to contact me any time for advice or to discuss your specific challenges.

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What does your business card say about you?

June 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Front: The drops on this card look like water but…

Back: accuFoil- Up to 250 Foil colors in one Pass

I guess I take some things for granted that I shouldn’t. I recently printed some new business cards (I know, how exciting) and have been getting a lot of comments when handing them out. “Wow it looks wet”. “What is that shiny stuff?” and my personal favorite: “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

I especially love it when I’m at a business function handing out cards then notice those around me are showing my card to others in the room. They always keep it and I have folks I’ve never met come up to me and say “Can I get one of your business cards?”.

Business cards these days are so often taken for granted or even seen as obsolete BUT a unique business card can be a conversation starter and a powerful marketing tool.

So, stop taking it for granted. Take a look at your business card. What impression does it give about you?


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Chris Daniels

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Online print ordering, the end of customer service?

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

With a multitude of online print companies to choose from, for ordering a variety of print items, through a desktop order interface, many have said the days of the print CSR (customer service rep) are numbered. Many of these online companies provide only email or IM support. The products they offer have become standardized and commoditized. After all, where is the value in paying for real person to person interaction. Wouldn’t we all be better off just choosing from what these companies offer us and accepting that we  likely payed the lowest price possible for our business cards, brochures, postcards etc.? What do you think?

The company I represent builds and hosts web based print order storefronts. Clients appreciate the ease of ordering that they bring. The benefits are many and problems are few when used appropriately. Our storefront offering is actually fully customizable unlike the standard web printer which restricts you to set paper stocks, sizes and finishing options. When used for appropriate applications this automation can be the best way to order print. So what is the problem?

Technology will continue to create efficiencies but the needs of most clients will continue to fall outside the parameters of a fully automated workflow. Most will want to work with experienced knowledgeable people to help create the channels and products to communicate their message and stand out from their competition. I don’t know of many visionary business people that are happy to always settle for Choice A, B or C.

Automated online workflows are perfect for repetitive jobs with set variables and predefined spec options however most of my client’s jobs/projects introduce some new variable not accounted for in that pre-built workflow. I’m not talking about business cards, letterhead & envelopes. I’m referring to:
*Multi-component products that include multiple operations and involve a complex dance of scheduling to meet deadlines.
*Complex cross media marketing campaigns with many moving parts, schedules and components that can change while in progress.
*Clients that demand something different resulting in material or process changes that affect workflow and scheduling.

I believe that automated workflows will continue to create efficiencies but we are far off from eliminating the CSR from the equation. Our clients (even those with online order systems we created) count on our CSRs every day to masterfully handle the unanticipated changes caused by, changing needs, equipment, material availability and more. The CSR is able to somehow perform a dance that makes it all work out more often than not and make us shine as a company in the eyes of our clients. Until we can build that into an automated workflow we better keep in mind that businesses are made up of people. Technology is a tool. A tool without people is really just an obstacle to our goals.

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Chris Daniels


QR Codes on my Business Card? So what?

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

QR Code business cards. Undoubtedly you have seen these but how do you keep the contact info in your QR code current when your info changes and you need to print more cards? You have to throw your old cards away now right? Wrong! This site allows you to create a QR code business card and a profile that you can update as your contact info changes.  This means that as things change even your old business cards with outdated contact info have a QR code that pulls in your current V-card info when scanned. You can still hand out your business cards and the barcode will scan with your current correct info. This is great if you need to hand out cards before your new ones arrive. Just tell the person you hand it to to scan it for your current contact info.

You can then upload your own PDF artwork for the card or use one of the existing templates to set your own and they will be printed as you specify and shipped to you anywhere in the world. You can insure that your QR code always scans with the most current contact info by updating your profile for free any time the info changes.

Use to produce QR code business cards for your customers and yourself. Allow recipients of your cards to add your contact info to their address book without all of the typing. Best of all the prices are really cheap for this great technology.

Click here to view a demo of this technology or go to to learn more now.