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My Earth Day Request: Cut the Anti-paper Greenwashing!

April 22, 2013 Leave a comment

My Earth Day Request: Cut the Anti-paper Greenwashing!

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I am ticked off at my bank, utilities and telecom providers for saying “go green – go paperless.”

I’ve had it with my bank and all the other companies that are bashing paper products to promote electronic billing, statements and other e-services.  Yes…I’ve finally lost it.

I have decided to be diplomatic and not name you…but we all know who you are.

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Two Sides sends open letter to Mr Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google in response to the newly announced ‘Go Paperless in 2013’ campaign « Two Sides

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Two Sides sends open letter to Mr Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google in response to the newly announced ‘Go Paperless in 2013’ campaign « Two Sides.

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Please Consider the Environment Before Using Print…

May 11, 2012 6 comments

Please consider the environment...I am sure many of you receive online statements from credit card companies, banks, utility companies and more. You also get lots of direct mail or “junk mail” advertisements just as I do. How often do you see companies touting “green” initiatives as their reason for pushing us to online statements and email communication?

I sure want to do my part to protect the environment and save the earth. I recycle, reuse, bike and walk when possible. I teach my children to do the same and why it is important. So, in our collective rush to do the right thing might we be getting misinformation? Might we be making poorly informed choices?

As a marketing consultant helping my clients navigate the myriad of options available, I am often asked about social media, email, mobile marketing and more. I make recommendations based on my clients goals and use all of these when and where appropriate and effective. Print, paper and mail though seem to now have a stigma as being synonymous with polluting the earth. This is due in part to companies, trying to reduce their costs, pushing us to email and the web. They do this by making us feel we are harming the earth by choosing paper and print.

“Please consider the environment before printing this email”. “Save a tree and go paperless with e-statments”. There are many more examples I am sure you can think of and they all have one common theme: Paper and print are bad for the environment. Well I am here to say ENOUGH of this misinformation. Lets get down to the TRUTH.

Regarding Paper, Did You Know?:

  • The paper industry plants 3 times as many trees as it cuts. There are more forests in the US today than 20 years ago.
  • Forestry is the most sustainable of all primary industries that provide energy and materials.
  • 11% of the world’s forests are used for paper, with the majority of wood fiber used to produce paper coming from waste products like wood chips, sawmill scraps and recycled paper.

Dr. Patrick Moore early member at founding of Greenpeace stated “To address climate change we must use more wood not less. Using wood sends signals to the marketplace to GROW MORE TREES!” From an environmental perspective the paper industry is a model for all others. The print industry too is following suite.

Regarding Print & Mail, Did You Know?

  • The U.S. print industry generates more than $100 billion in annual revenue and provides U.S. jobs for more than 100 million Americans. That is bigger than the US auto Industry we bailed out recently.
  • Print and mail drive commerce, provide jobs and educate our youth.
  • Studies show you’ll read printed information up to 30% faster while retaining more information than reading on a screen.

Now that you have heard the truth all I ask is this: Please don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for using paper or print to communicate with your customers, coworkers, friends or family. It is still the best option in many cases and is environmentally and socially responsible.

Please pass this information along and do your part to save the environment  and spur the economy.

For more  info on environmental responsibility of the print and paper industry please check out these links…

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Can You Really Print A Water Drop?

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

IT FEELS WET! Well not wet but you CAN feel it and it sure looks wet!

Yes you can! It’s not wet but it does bead up on the page and you can feel the bulges.

After the introduction of AccuLink’s 3dUV technology in my last post I have been bombarded by emails wanting to know more, Sooo… here is a Video that better illustrates the process and some of the most common questions I received:

1. Is it thermogrophy? No. It is a patented UV-curable clear polymer that produces raised print effects with variable densities and gradations that add tangible height, texture and dimension to the sheet. It is digitally applied post press using an OPA guided inkjet array. (whew, what a mouth full)

2. How do you achieve the textures and different layers? These effects are set up pre-press then applied all in one pass onto the post-press printed sheet. It can even be set up by your own graphic designer with a bit of knowledge.

3. Are there plates or dies required to create the texture? No. This is a totally digital process that is actually much “greener” and eliminates plates, molds, chemicals and solvents while significantly reducing overall energy usage. Each image can be unique and can include variable print, pURLs, QR Codes and more.

4. What are the max/min thickness it can be applied to? This sheet fed press accepts digital or offset printed sheets ranging from 4pt. to over 50pt. in thickness and can even be applied to lamination.

5. How high can the emboss effect go? This is the best part. It has print capabilities ranging from 20 microns to 70 microns in thickness and can apply a variety of clear polymer patterns in the same pass to easily achieve dual sided and multilevel embossing effects.

6. Where can I get this? Currently AccuLink is the only U.S. manufacturer with a Scodix 1200 UV press.

Check out this Video that better explains the process: Scodix Enhanced Greeting Card Example

These are not the only questions I have received but they were the most common. If you want to know more about 3dUV or would like a sample to see and feel for yourself Contact me.

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