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Direct Mail vs. E-Mail in the Current Environment

July 25, 2012 Leave a comment

This is a re-post from “Eds Tips” by Ed Glaser

Direct Mail vs. E-Mail in the Current Environment

Direct Mail vs. E-MailThe purpose of this Tip is not to pit email against direct mail, but to explain why this is a particularly good time to lead off a multi-touch cross media marketing campaign with direct mail. As a cross media evangelist, I take every opportunity to further the principle that multi-touch cross media marketing campaigns are much more successful than any “one and done” campaign, no matter which media is chosen for such a campaign.

I believe that the time is right because of the proliferation of email these days, from 2007 to 2011 – email volume increased by 61%. I’m sure that you can see this in your own inbox. As the volume of emails reaching the inbox increases, the likelihood that recipients are opening and interacting with emails starts to diminish. How many emails do you delete without opening? This explains the slow and steady decline of email open rates over the last few years. The click rate for emails currently stands at only .12% according to the DMA’s recent 2012 response rate report. Also, please remember that “click rates” are not a reliable measurement of the success of an email campaign (see Ed’s Tip of 7-11-12).

Because of this glut of emails, many postal mail boxes have become uncluttered and the receptivity of direct mail by consumers is on the rise. Many companies believe that they are saving money by opting for emails in place of direct mail. Sure it costs less to send an email, but are they really getting their money’s worth? You would need to send a large number of emails as opposed to a very small number of highly targeted direct mails to accomplish the same result. As opposed to a .12% click rate, direct mail boasts an impressive 4.4% purchase or other significant activity response rate according to the same DMA Report.

Cross media campaigns that start with direct mail will “push” the recipient to a website or to a landing page more often than an email. Those that do not respond quickly, if they are properly identified as having a relevant interest in the offer, should be contacted by email to see if they will respond to that medium. If still unsuccessful, at least one more round of contacts, direct mail followed up by email, should occur. You need to remember, timing can always be an issue as to when the audience is triggered to action and ready to make a purchase decision.

This is the perfect time to send an email alerting the audience that their ideal offer is about to arrive in their postal box and also alert the sender to prepare to hear from their audience.

If you are interested in learning more about  mail piece tracking, or cross media campaigns give me a call and we’ll talk about enhancing the value of your next campaign!

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Make Your Next Direct Mail Campaign Go Viral!

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

With social media and video marketing when a campaign goes “viral” it is considered marketing nirvana.  How is this possible with direct mail though considering the personal nature of the medium? This personal nature is one reason direct mail can be so effective. It is the only marketing channel that lets you so precisely target your audience and put something in their hand.

The keys to success in this medium are the same as ever: a good target list, good offer and relevant messaging. So how do you make a direct mail campaign go viral?

First consider this. There are more marketing channels available today than at any time in history. Use them to make your message shareable then make your message share worthy.

Incorporate as many relevant marketing mediums and channels into your campaign as possible:

On the mail piece you can include:

  • Personalized variable print or images
  • pURLs (Personalized URLs) a website that welcomes the responder by name and can include survey, contest entry or reply fields to gather more data
  • QR CODE (2D bar codes that when scanned by a mobile device makes the experience interactive)

On the web response form include:

  • Social media sharing (include links that allow recipients to share your offer with others)
  • Video (post a video and link it to your web page for better engagement)
  • A Survey form to capture more data and better qualify the prospect.

Be sure to capture other contact info like email and phone/cell number for lower cost future marketing efforts.

By using all relevant channels available you can increase the effectiveness and share-ability of your message and potentially create a viral campaign. Just remember to make your message resonate with the recipient.

Here is a helpful document if you are new to direct mail Direct Mail 101

Here is a great video that shows a new mail format and how it can include other channels Video

I am always glad to help marketers plan campaigns to maximize and measure results. Feel free to contact me as you consider your next marketing move.

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InteliMailer Delivers a 30-50% Response Lift To Marketing Campaigns!

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Your customers and prospects have never seen anything like this! You thought it was just an envelope but…

Incredible, intelligent and attention grabbing. InteliMailer is used as a stand alone mail piece or integrated into complete cross media marketing campaigns that feature full color personalized letter packages, pURLS, custom landing pages, QR codes, mobile messaging and more. Watch this and see for yourself.

Contact me to learn more.

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Why Are Sales & Marketing So Often At Odds?

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

There is a long standing perception that marketing and sales are at odds with one another. Marketing departments often say “sales people don’t get what we do”.  Sales people often say “If marketing would just give us some good leads and materials we could close more sales.”

I consult with and sell marketing technologies and services to marketing departments and agencies. These technologies are designed specifically to integrate marketing channels, track and measure results and deliver qualified leads to sales in real time.

Since this benefits both sales and marketing you’d think it would be the bridge to bring them together. It can be but often the divide between the two is deep and long lived. Both often blame the other when results don’t materialize.

So what’s the solution? Accountability. We should all be accountable for what we do. Accountability diffuses the argument and clearly shows where blame belongs. When all is working it really isn’t important for sales to understand all that marketing does or vice versa. A culture of mutual respect can be built when efforts and results are measured and transparent. This can get all oars moving in the same direction.

How is this done? The technology we have today gives marketing departments the ability to integrate all media channels. Direct mail, Email, Broadcast, Print, Web, Mobile and more can be combined, tracked and measured for accurate determination of ROI. Leads can be qualified and delivered to the sales force in real time as it happens. This empowers everyone and holds all accountable with real numbers and accurate result reporting. It is hard to improve what you don’t measure.

Emerging technologies that track and measure all our marketing and sales efforts are the bridge between sales and marketing. What are your experiences with this subject? What have you seen or done that has worked to bridge the gap between sales and marketing?

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How Do PURLs Work in Marketing and Why Should I Care?!

September 29, 2011 2 comments

You may be asking yourself “What is a PURL?” or saying “Who cares. I’m busy.” Well, if you are involved in marketing your business or someone elses you should care. Why? PURLs are a powerful new marketing technology that allow you to reach out to your prospect in a personal way and start a dialog to learn more about them. PURLs gain a higher response rate than traditional websites in marketing messages due to their personal way of addressing the responder by name. PURLs also can deliver qualified sales leads in real time for immediate response. Do you care now?

PURLs or personalized URLs are personal internet microsites that are unique to each individual in a database. An example is where a landing page on the internet is hosted just for Charlie Smith. This landing page can welcome Charlie by name and present messages and offerings that are personal and relevant to Charlie based on the information we have on him. It can also gather more information on him that we may want in the form of a survey. The answers can be delivered in real time to you and can be followed up on immediately.

Why would anyone give you more information? We are all willing to give a reasonable amount of information or take a brief survey in exchange for a discount on something we want or free gift that we value. Be creative in your marketing offering.

Why are PURLs such a powerful marketing tool? Studies show that personalized communication delivers much higher response rates than impersonal communication. Studies also show that most people today are more comfortable responding via the internet.

How do I use PURLs in marketing? They are merely a tool, though a powerful one, that can be included in direct mail and email advertising to greatly increase response rates and gain actionable information on your audience. You can even use a general URL in broadcast advertising (billboards, magazines, TV, radio, flyers, SMS text, email…) to capture an email or physical address then add that to your database for PURL marketing communications.

Want to test drive a PURL? Simply go to

Feel free to contact me to learn more and to discuss how you may be able to use PURLs in your marketing efforts to gain greater results and measurable marketing ROI.

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Great Data and a Full Toolbox Gain Better ROI

July 12, 2011 Leave a comment

In these times of tightening budgets it is more important than ever to target our marketing dollars. This is made even more challenging with the splintering of our society across so many mediums both old and new.

Campaigns that reach out to a highly targeted audience then invite a response via the web and gather more information on the prospect result in more personal engagement and in turn higher conversion. The information gathered in this type of outbound/inbound campaign allow for multiple touches across multiple media and result in better qualified prospects.

The marketing toolbox available to us is fuller than ever. When creating a campaign consider your goals and the data you have on your prospects then select the tools for the job accordingly to build the best campaign to reach those goals. Tightly define your ideal prospect then surgically target them with a relevant message and offer that elicits engagement.

We have produced cross media campaigns like this that incorporate direct mail, email, personalized web sites with survey pages, referral links and social media sharing that resulted in a ten fold or better return on investment. Many of the tools are familiar some are new. The key today is to leverage them all in the most appropriate way to build effective campaigns that engage your prospects across multiple media and discover the communication channel(s) preferred by each individual. Through this you will close a higher percentage of your target and can even gain new targets.

I would be glad to discuss specifics if you wish :
here is a video where I discuss this type of marketing:

How are you marketing your business?

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Target Market – Reasons Why You May Need to Revise and Upgrade Your Target Market

March 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Target Market – Reasons Why You May Need to Revise and Upgrade Your Target Market

Target Market – Reasons Why You May Need to Revise and Upgrade Your Target Market
By Suzi Elton

If you sell your services, you may come to a place where it makes sense to revise and upgrade your target market. Often you’ll know because you have a nagging sense that the market you are currently targeting no longer makes sense for you. Perhaps your business has changed and upgraded (or your plan changes). The market might also have changed and become less lucrative or appropriate for your business. There’s also the possibility that you could just plain be tired of working with the same types of clients, and want more variety or to provide different kinds of services. Maybe you are working on revising your written business materials, and the need for change becomes suddenly undeniable.

Let’s look at the reasons you might want to revise and upgrade your target market.

1. You are tired of the way you have been working and the types of clients you have been working with and you want to change this. Maybe you’ve been doing the same old thing for a long time and you’re bored. There’s nothing wrong with that. It happens to all of us. The critical point is to be aware of these feelings, and to work on making changes before you become jaded and apathetic. Just because you change up your target market does not necessarily mean that you must lose the credibility you’ve built up over time, or must “start all over”. You still retain your expertise, you will probably just figure out new ways to apply it.

2. You realize that your market has degraded and become less profitable over time. This could be because of competition or changing market conditions. It doesn’t matter why it has happened. It’s more important to realize that it has happened, and take action to revise and upgrade your target market before your business suffers too badly. There’s a temptation to “hold onto” our fantasy of the way the market once was for us, rather than to face reality and revise our target market. It’s a form of business “denial” – a desire to live in lost days of glory. We know that what we are doing once worked and don’t want to abandon what was previously successful – in case those conditions return. Typically, though, you’re better off to face reality and make the needed changes.

3. You don’t know how to revise or upgrade your target market. Many who market and sell services aren’t necessarily trained in the concepts of targeting a market. You might have come up with your market description as an evolutionary process over time, stumbling into it or discovering it fortuitously. When you’ve already got a business functioning though, there may not be time or comprehension about how you need to redefine this aspect of the business.

4. You’re afraid to change your target market. You once had a successful business selling your services to that market. You’re unsure why conditions have changed. You hope things will return to what they once were. You don’t know if aiming for a different market will be a boon or a boondoggle for your business. You hesitate to invest in new written business materials in case it doesn’t work out. Things aren’t going so great, but there’s no guarantee that revising the target market will make things better.

These are the most common reasons that make owners of service businesses hesitate when they want to revise and upgrade their target market. The investment in new written business materials is considerable, and they must feel convinced that it is the right thing to do and the surest way to new and increased profits for their business.

Suzi Elton provides business writing that attracts targeted prospects to your service business and converts them into clients for you. She is a Robert Middleton Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach, as well as a professional writer. Her website offers a free series of 8 assessments you can use to analyze your own site.

To learn about her Robert Middleton style Web Site Tool Kit Writing Package, go to

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